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High performance protective composite coatings for metal and concrete.


 Our Opportunity


A Problem Worth Solving

Our customers face adverse environmental conditions that cause erosion and corrosion on their plant components and structures, resulting in compromised plant reliability and safety; reducing plant production time.

Our Solution

We offer high performance coatings and processes that are scientifically engineered to protect your equipment from the damage and costly problems of abrasion, erosion/corrosion, chemical attack, and atmospheric corrosion which limit plant downtime.

Who We Are

Construction by Design Group (CBDG) evolved from brothers, Adam & Logan McDaniel growing a small residential & commercial construction focused business into an industrial epoxy coating company.   Each opportunity over the last few years has grown in skill and industrial knowledge of the different applications of epoxy coating; from steel, power, & water treatment plants.   They have captured the attention and respect of major industry companies, such as Nucor Steel, AEP Swepco/Turk Power Plant, and Utility Service Group. Today, CBDG is participating in major bi-annual plant outage at the new AEP/Swepco Turk plant in Fulton, Ar. The John W. Turk, Jr. Power Plant is one of the cleanest, most efficient coal-fueled plants in the United States. It began commercial operation Dec. 20, 2012 in Fulton, Ark. The 600-megawatt coal-fueled generating facility is the nation’s only ultra-supercritical coal plant. After just a year and a half in operation, Turk will do their bi-annual outage to upgrade and maintain the required EPA efficiency levels to be the cleanest in the nation. That’s where we come in. Our ARC ceramic reinforced epoxy coating applications will increase the efficiency in the transfer of fluids by reducing the frictional coefficient of the piping and other apparatuses. Additionally, this will protect the steel from future corrosion. Each application increases the plants ability to produce clean energy.   CBDG  is the only Chesterton certified coatings installer in this geographical area.   This is the American Dream. Joined by our CFO Dana Beck (and MOM!) to balance skill & business experience, Our Louisiana family, looks forward to doing business with yours!

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