Storage Tanks

Painting and coating for storage tanks of all types

With storage tanks, maintaining their integrity, along with the pipeline systems that feed them, is everything. It doesn’t matter if the tank in question is holding something as simple as water or as volatile as jet fuel, the outcome of a leak or failure in containment due to corrosion can be catastrophic in any scenario.

With years of experience in exterior and interior tank coating and tank painting under our belts, Construction by Design Groupcan safely say we know the tank-coating business inside and out. We’ve worked together with communities on the water towers and reservoirs that bring their towns pride, as well as the fueling stations that keeps our U.S. military in the air.

How did Construction by Design Groupget such a wide range of experience? We set high standards for what quality in industrial tank painting and coating should be, investing in the latest equipment, and keeping our workers trained and certified in all work practices and safety procedures. Our unique combination of professionalism, safety and trustworthy service makes Construction by Design Group the name people pass along to others when it comes industrial painting and coatings projects.

Whether we’re protecting fuel supply storage tanks or adding some decorative stenciling promoting the local football team on a water tower, Construction by Design Groupcan handle the job with ease. Let us know what you’re looking for on your next storage tank project. Construction by Design Groupwill be happy to help.

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